Birchall Green Tea Prism Tea Bags 80 (Big Box)

Product code: BT11B
Birchall Green Tea is a pure green tea sourced from China where the very best teas of this variety are to be found. For centuries these teas have been revered across the Far East for their therapeutic properties. They are a rich natural source of anti-oxidants which are known to cleanse detoxify and restore natural balance.Its dark green leaves brighten when infused to produce a shimmering clear yellow colour with an initial smoothness which evolves into the more complex fragrant notes that characterise Mao Feng.

Presented in contemporary luxury Prismâ„¢ Tea Bags made with a biodegradable mesh netting which releases the full flavour of the loose leaf tea inside and allows for the purest infusion.

1 x 80 Prism Tagged Tea Bags (big box)
Brand Birchall Tea
Product Code BT11B