Birchall Red Berry Infusion Prism Tea Bags 15

Product code: BT12
Birchall Red Berry & Flower is a luxuriously smooth blend of sweet red berries and refreshing hibiscus. This full flavoured red fruit tea is a plentiful source of anti-oxidants and is naturally caffeine free so you can enjoy it at any time of day.

This infusion has the perfect balance of the sweet strawberry with the richer distinctive notes of elderberry and hibiscus flower. It is these ingredients which combine perfectly to give Birchall Red Berry & Flower its deep rich ruby-red liquor lush candied aroma and intense fruity flavour.

Presented in contemporary luxury Prismâ„¢ Tea Bags made with a biodegradable mesh netting which releases the full flavour of the loose leaf tea inside and allows for the purest infusion.

1 x 15 Prism Tagged Tea Bags
Brand Birchall Tea
Product Code BT12