Monin Vanilla Frappe Powder 4 x 1.36kg CASE

Product code: CD20D
Monin Vanilla Frappe is by far the best vanilla frappe powder on the market. Blended with milk and ice you get an amazing vanilla shake to rival those made with real ice cream.

Monin Vanilla Frappe contains powdered cream for an indulgent drink.Simply add syrups to this vanilla powder for a full range of thick shakes and ice blended drinks.

Monin frappe powder is more concentrated than other brands and requires a lot less powder per drink.

The 1.36kg tub will make approximately 50 flavoured milkshake / frappe drinks or 42 pure vanilla drinks.

Create great summer drinks like strawberries and cream or peaches and cream by adding smoothie mix to a completed Monin vanilla frappe drink.

4 x 1.36kg Tub
Brand Monin
Product Code CD20D