Small Tea Filters - Empty Tea Bags 100

Product code: TL34
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Paper tea filter are the simple mess free way to serve loose leaf tea. Basically an empty tea bag with a flap at the top and a base that opens out. The perfect size for 12oz drinks, whether for take out cups or small teapots for 1 or 2 cups.

These non bleached paper tea filters couldn't be easier to use. Simply place your tea in the bag and close the flap in the lid of the teapot / takeout cup, to keep it upright. No need for tea strainer. Customers who like weak tea can remove the bag when they wish.

T-Sac size 1

Each Paper Tea Filter is 6.3 x 8.5cm excluding flap

1 x 100 filters

Brand Cha Cult
Product Code TL34